Poetry of Place, Regionalism and the Ghettoization of Writers

Some of my favorite poets and novelists have written about the landscape in which they lived. Whether Mildred Walker or Kim Barnes is evoking the terrain (of Montana and Idaho respectively) on the page, they remain masterful in their craft. I live and breathe the land that the characters inhabit. Even if I haven’t heard […]

New Work in New Places!

I am happy to announce that my poem “Cold Mountain Blues” will be appearing in Front Range on March 1st.  You can check out this great literary magazine published in my home state of M-O-N-T-A-N-A! http://www.frontrangemt.org/

A Different, But Still FANTASTIC Essay by Mishon Wooldridge

Autobiography for the Queen of Cups 1. Butter clams were the first food I ever took directly from the earth. Goo and grit and salt. Those were easy. My brother and I six and five years old, we carried the bucket between us. My dad in his late 30’s, hauled two shovels and told us […]

New Poems in Lines + Stars

I am pleased to announce that you can now find my work inLines + Stars  Winter 2010 issue.   My poem “Buffalo Jump” can be viewed for free online.  Please take a moment and visit the site at http://www.linesandstars.com/

Explaining Poetry To Others

I found this postcard in a junk shop.  The image is strange and if you give it a closer look it gets wierder.  I wonder if the text was added after the fact by someone else.  In the picture there is a spotlight…or light coming through a curtain?  But why is the curtain open if […]

On the Failed-Writer and the Troubled-Writer

Last night I watched a film about a writer who was lost, wandering down the California coast in search of himself. The film also featured a failed writer who chose accounting and a stable, long-term relationship with a man who had an autistic child. The relationship was passionless, but the failed writer loved the child […]

Straight Crushes, Secret Admirers, What Drives You to the Keyboard?

Tonight, I saw one of my Bellingham crushes. I treasure my crushes. I pretend that they are secret, but my boyfriend knows. My friends know. Anyone standing near me when that boy walks by is sure to know. What does it mean to be headed toward my mid-thirties and still swooning over a handsome gent […]

Math Phobia, Science Fiction and Speculative Readers

Although I read a great deal, I have not read much science fiction. My best friend cites the characters and plotlines of the major science fiction novels of the past twenty years like a Baptist preacher quotes the Bible. “Orson Scott Card mentioned a situation like this in his third novel of the Ender series…” […]

Not Poetry Related, but Still An Amazing Sight

Sometimes my work as a bookseller offers me incredible experiences. Today, a woman came and gave a talk on her kangaroo farm in Arlington, WA. I got to hold a 7 month old kangaroo (joey). It isn’t poetry related, but it sure is cute!

On Home, Queers in Art and What Goes Unsaid

In case you were wondering where I have been, I went home for a post-holiday visit with my family. I grew up in rural Montana. In fact, the picture above was taken a little more than a mile from my parents’ home. * * * * Although I am out to my family members, it […]