You Sank My Prose Poem! A Word About Revision

I spent a good deal of time last week revising poems. Perhaps by some strange alignment of the stars, I’ve been locked into writing prose poems for most of the year. I have even gone back to some older poems, which draped across the page and turned them into blocky-talkie prose poems. What started out […]

Lambda Literary Award Winners for 2010

Please take a moment this weekend and buy yourself one or two titles from this year’s winners.  There is something for everybody.  I put the poetry winners in bold because, well…I think you should read some poetry.  Congrats to the authors and presses that put these great books out! Lesbian Fiction: A Field Guide to […]

Book Notes on Vintage: A Ghost Story by Steve Berman

Paperback, 204 pagesPublished by Lethe PressISBN: 9781590210536 Steve Berman’s young adult novel opens with all of the elements for a clichéd teen horror movie: alienated goths, check; nearly Halloween, check; and an ouija board, check. But he promptly destroys a reader’s expectations and gives me one of the best YA novels I have read to date. […]

Pulling Up Stakes and Heading…East?

I want this blog to remain largely focused on queer writers, their work and the writing life.  I also have not wanted to post my own poems or go on about my personal life.  I find my day to day life tedious at best.  I don’t think any other person would seek out this blog […]

Saints and Sinners Literary Festival

In lieu of a real post, I wanted to make folks aware of a great LGBT conference taking place in New Orleans this week/weekend.  Although I have known about it for the past three years, I have been unable to attend.  I hope that all of the attendees have a great time and that this […]

How the West was Read

I was named after a terrible western novel. I still own the beat up, yellow-paged copy my dad gave me. It was a poorly written book, but my father was nineteen at the time. It sure beats the Christmas themed name my mom had in mind. A few years ago, my naming got me interested […]

Confessions of a Guilty Reader

When I started writing, I was given some good advice: “Read more than you write.” This bit of wisdom could appear a little trite no kidding, I can’t write a novel every two weeks! On a deeper level, it encourages a writer to branch out to new books, new authors and develop a relationship with […]


In my earlier rant, I made reference to a hate crime that happened in Missoula, MT.  You can read my original post here: In the interest of fairness, it turns out that the hate crime may not have been a hate crime.  Police are still investigating.  If you have an interest in following this, […]

Aimee Bender and Amy Hempel Dazzle and Disturb my Senses.

I sometimes wonder if I am missing the boat about short stories.  What I know about writing fiction could fit through the eye of an oarlock.  Some rules on writing apply across the board, but I feel that fiction takes a certain knack that I lack.  Perhaps writing poetry and essays, I can always anticipate […]

Why Amos Lassen Needs to Learn the Lyrics to a Song Written by Carolyn Leigh

I just ordered a copy of The Lost Library: Gay Fiction Rediscovered for the bookstore where I work. It’s been garnering good reviews. After I saw the table of contents posted on the Band of Thebes blog, I knew that there would be an audience for it in Bellingham, WA. In the process of reading about […]