New Work in PANK Magazine

Folks, sorry for the radio silence. I do have some good news to share though, my poem “Float” appears in PANK Magazine‘s third annual Queer issue.  Even more exciting, my poem sits right next to my good friend John Myer‘s piece called “Asking Where“. You can hear me read my own poem for free at […]

Niche Magazine Interview

If you haven’t read Niche Magazine yet, please do yourself a favor and check it out.  Its first two issues are online and free.  Best of all, the magazine is GORGEOUS! Niche Magazine also features a monthly MFA program spotlight.  For the month of October (my favorite month!) they are featuring the University of Idaho’s […]

When Words Aren’t Enough: Poems Becoming Art

My former coworker and all-around talented lady Christina Claassen was busy preparing works for the employee art show at Village Books in Bellingham, WA.  She had asked me last spring if she could use some of my prose poems as a jumping off point.  I told her to run with it. On my last day […]

An Interview with Bruce Snider

Bruce Snider is the author of the poetry collections PARADISE, INDIANA, winner of the 2011 Lena-Miles Wever Todd Poetry Prize, and THE YEAR WE STUDIED WOMEN, winner of the Felix Pollak Prize in Poetry.  His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in the AMERICAN POETRY REVIEW, PLOUGHSHARES, GETTYSBURG REVIEW,POETRY, and BEST AMERICAN POETRY 2012. Originally […]

It is Still Happening… *UPDATE* **EDIT**

***Apparently it was all a fraud and the victim made up the story.  You can read it HERE.  This makes me even angrier.  Although this was a hoax, I think the points I made in response are still valid.  I’ll stand by them.**** ***Apparently, the crime may be a fraud.  If it is, this angers […]

Well It’s Now August and it Seems…

Well, it’s now August and it seems that I have taken the entire summer off from this blog.  I’ve been reading.  Reading books for pleasure.  Reading books for projects I have going.  Reading tourist information signs.  Reading the slush pile for a chapbook contest.  Reading magazines from 1942.  I even read a manuscript that was […]

A Snippet of My Reading List

June   (total page count 1,929 ) 1.     Winter Stars by Larry Levis (poetry) 87 pages. 2.     Elegy by Larry Levis (poetry) 81 pages. 3.     Writing for Art: The Aesthetics of Ekphrasis by Stephen Cheeke (nonfiction) 186 pages. 4.     Aloha from Hell by Richard Kadrey (fiction) 438 pages. 5.     Cortege by Carl Phillips (poetry) […]

Dear Literary Magpie Readers: I wanted to let you know about a poetry chapbook contest that is happening right now.  Winged City Chapbooks (the great folks who published my chapbook Slow Depth) is having their annual chapbook contest as we speak.  The deadline for submission is JULY 1st. The great thing about this chapbook contest is […]

Beauty-Gate, Synchronicity, and History

If you haven’t been following the conversation that’s been happening in the gay male poetry community about beauty, aesthetics, class, race, and privilege you can catch up with most of it HERE. C. Dale Young has done a great job of collecting the multiplicity of voices and views on his blog. (Thanks C. Dale!) In […]

Not one but TWO interviews with me about Slow Depth!

“Time” by Sara Cannon This has been a great week for getting word out about my chapbook Slow Depth.The first interview was with a student journalist at the University of Idaho for the school newspaper the Argonaut.  You can read that interview HERE. The second interview is by my friend and fellow writer Sannion on […]