Well It’s Now August and it Seems…

Well, it’s now August and it seems that I have taken the entire summer off from this blog.  I’ve been reading.  Reading books for pleasure.  Reading books for projects I have going.  Reading tourist information signs.  Reading the slush pile for a chapbook contest.  Reading magazines from 1942.  I even read a manuscript that was a hybrid of poetry and recipes for a fellow writer.

I have also been looking at art this summer.  I saw Ray Turner’s portrait show Population.  I saw the fantastic show Man Ray | Lee Miller: Partners in Surrealism.  I saw several pieces of graffiti that I liked.    I saw how when the water bends the rocks around it into sand is also a kind of art.

I am slowly, slowly working on an interview with a poet, whose work I love.  How have you spent the summer months?

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