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I am starting to realize as I write edits on poems for my chapbook, that I will judged by readers on poems that I wrote a long while ago.  This publishing business takes so long that our “current” work being seen by readers can be several years old.  It is humbling for sure.

It is my job as I edit them to make the old poems a good as my new skills allow.  Progress!

Look for my chapbook, “The Geography or Removal” published by New Sins Press to come out sometime in February.  (More likely the latter half of February.)

Also, I am stepping down as nonfiction editor of the literary magazine 5×5 after the December issue.  I am doing this so that I can step up as POETRY EDITOR in the new year!

A special thanks goes out to Mishon Wooldridge for all of her hard work over the past two years as poetry editor.  She has given her heart and soul to make 5×5 not only endure but shine.  Thank you Mishon!

As poetry editor, I will be looking for readers for 5×5 starting in January.  This is something that you can put on your CV for community service AND you will get to read some great poems.

I have some things coming out in journals at the turn of the year, but am waiting to hear back about Spring.

Stay tuned.  A real post will come soon.

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