A New Year and New Poems in Print

For the past year and a half I worked on a collection of poems about the stars. The story goes that each constellation was released from the sky for a single evening and landed somewhere in New York City. Each poem tells the story of one constellation and how it adapts to (post)modern life. I named the collection of poems “Digital/Pastoral” to reflect the present setting of these ancient narratives. Some of the poems (stars) are coming out in a variety of journals in print and online.

Five of them can be found in the January issue of Collective Fallout. http://collectivefallout.com/

Two will appear late this month in a brand-new online literary journal called Crash. http://cra.sh/about

Another of the constellation poems will appear in the Spring issue of New Mexico Poetry Review. http://newmexicopoetryreview.com/

And very exciting for me, my poem “Polaris” will be published in a lovely handmade journal from the United Kingdom called FuseLit. There isn’t a set release date for the Tilt issue yet, but rumor has it set for sometime in February. http://www.fuselit.co.uk/

Please take a moment to check out my poems and more importantly, the fantastic journals in which they appear. I feel honored to see nine of my “Digital/Pastoral” poems going to print at the start of 2010. It was a long journey of writing, revising, submitting, receiving rejections (again and again and again) and finally seeing them published.

My work is also forthcoming in a future issue of these great magazines:

Lines + Stars http://www.linesandstars.com/ and
Knockout Literary Magazine http://www.knockoutlit.org/ (from Seattle!)

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