Recent Writing

Diode Poetry: “in time the snow is gone”

HOOT: “Toward Dawn” with audio

Harvard Divinity Bulletin: “Judy Blume at Prayer”, “Nothing Winged”

The Indianapolis Review: “Middle Ground” with audio

Pontoon Poetry: “In Some Future Time” (reprint from The Rumpus)

The Puritan (Canada): “Wilderness//Kingdom” with audio

Sixth Finch: “Singing”

Sweet Tree Review: “what good is all my smallness this?”

Territory: “Into the Wilderness”

The White Review (United Kingdom): “Turkeys in Snow” with audio

Recent Interview and Reviews

Montana Public Radio, The Write Question hosted by Sarah Aaronson,  “Wilderness//Kingdom with Jory Mickelson” (Podcast)

Social Change Leaders Podcast, Episode #32: “Writing as Self Care”

Frontier Poetry, Virtual Book Tour with Jory Mickelson

Split Rock Review: Photic Zone, A Conversation on Poetry Landscape and Wilderness with Jory Mickelson and Michael Garrigan.

EcotTheo Review, Habitation, Legacy, Exile: A Conversation With Jory Mickelson

Kenyon Review, Poetry Today #15 Intimacy and Nostalgia with Jory Mickelson

Selected Poems

The Adirondack Review: “The nights are long here. Nowhere a torch.”

The Bear Review: “Motherhood” (page 41)

Blood Orange Review: “Near Belmont”

Blood Orange Review: “North Dakota”

Blood Orange Review: “Nothing Held”

Boxcar Poetry Review: “Lullaby”

The Collagist: “Chapel”

The Compass Magazine (United Kingdom): “Elegy with Internment Camp and Shrinking Glacier”

Cutbank Literary Journal: “After”, “Small Zeros”

Grama Poetry: “Anthem” , “Blue, Consuming Blue” (pages 22-23)

Hawaii Pacific Review: “Wyeth: Adrift”

The Indianapolis Review: “Are you my lover or my landscape?”  with audio

The Lake (United Kingdom): “when god wasn’t god”

Oxidant|Engine: “Undulation”

[PANK]: “Float” with audio

Plenitude (Candad): “Evening”

POEM BOOTH: “Divination”

Psaltery & Lyre: “Church of the Map: The Jordan River”

Queen’s Mob Teahouse: “Adolescence, Prelude”, “Anthem”

The Rumpus: “Afterlife”, “in some future time”

Silver Birch Press: “Benediction”

The Summerset Review (United Kingdom): “Adolescence, Epilogue”

Sundog Lit: “Welcome to the Hi-Line”, “Lange & O’Keeffe, 1933”

Superstition Review: “Dear Frederico”

Vinyl Poetry: “My Father as a Clock”

What Rough Beast: “Trixter”


Coming Out & Coming Apart (On the Cure’s Disintegration) (LOCUSPOINT)

Dream 7: The Lyric Dream Project (Fogged Clarity)

Selected Book Reviews / Author Interviews

Alyse Knorr – Review of Annotated Glass for Lambda Literary

Elizabeth Colen – Interview for Boxcar Poetry Review

Patrick Donnelly – Review of Nocturnes of the Brothel of Ruin for Lambda Literary

Philip Schaefer – Boxcar Poetry Review