Slow Depth

by Jory Mickelson

$8.00 Copyright 2012—Published by Argus House Press—Editors: Teneice Durrant and Glenn Sheldon—Cover Art by Sara Cannon—22pgs—ISBN: 978-0-9831613-2-5

“In winter, the land will forget I was here,” states Jory Mickelson’s narrator in his gorgeous collection Slow Depth, but these plain-spoken, carefully crafted poems stand against that erasure by documenting a poets deep engagement with the physical world, by casting a line into the depths of what it means to be human, of  what it means to be broken. Like all good poetry should, Mickelson’s skillful and tender poems reach “further/than what we can see or know.”

 —Aaron Smith, author of Primer and Appetite

 Chapbook Reviews

 Amos Lassen “When Desire is Stark and Poetry is Lush”

Eduardo C. Corral “Mini Interview with Jory Mickelson”

Moscow-Pullman Daily News “’Slow Depth’ Leads to Great Heights”

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