Music and the Page: Writing Soundtracks

As readers, we are often stunned by the prose of the page, but how many of us think about the author toiling away to get their words in front of us? Writers do. I sometimes sit in front of a poem, or sentence dazzled.  I think, “How could a writer do this?”  I then begin […]

Here Comes Trouble: Sitting Down with a Big Idea

Recently, I read a conversation that the poet Stephane Mallarme had with the artist Degas.  (T.V.F. Brogan)  Degas complained to Mallarme that he was having trouble coming up with noble sentiments or profound thoughts to put in poems.  Mallarme replied that poetry isn’t made out of ideas; it is made out of words.  How many […]

Instead of Resolutions, Action: The 30 Day Writing Challenge

A friend of mine, three weeks into January,  told me that he had resolved to work out in the gym for the coming year.  I asked him how it was going and he said, “Well I am going to wait until February, so that all of the New Year Resolution people drop out and it […]