Catching Up With Depech, er Me

I looked at the last entry for this blog and was a shamed by how long I have neglected Literary Magpie.  What is the saying about good intentions? Very quickly, two of my poems appeared in print this Fall/Winter and I wanted to let you know about them.  The first is the poem “Lullaby” which […]

Keeping Up with Poems

It seems all my poems have come into print at the same time for the year.  If you would like to see my work, online and for free, please check out the following links. The Adirondack Review Winter 2012 Issue for my poem “The nights are long, here.  Nowhere a torch.” Boxcar Poetry Review Fall 2012 […]

Onward, Onward! Twitter, Surveys and More!

First off, I broke down and got a twitter account.  If you would like to check out my learning curve, I would appreciate it.  You can follow me @poetryphone This year I was asked by Band of Thebes blog to take part in their annual author survey of the best LGBTQ books of 2012.  I […]

It is Still Happening… *UPDATE* **EDIT**

***Apparently it was all a fraud and the victim made up the story.  You can read it HERE.  This makes me even angrier.  Although this was a hoax, I think the points I made in response are still valid.  I’ll stand by them.**** ***Apparently, the crime may be a fraud.  If it is, this angers […]

Well It’s Now August and it Seems…

Well, it’s now August and it seems that I have taken the entire summer off from this blog.  I’ve been reading.  Reading books for pleasure.  Reading books for projects I have going.  Reading tourist information signs.  Reading the slush pile for a chapbook contest.  Reading magazines from 1942.  I even read a manuscript that was […]

A Snippet of My Reading List

June   (total page count 1,929 ) 1.     Winter Stars by Larry Levis (poetry) 87 pages. 2.     Elegy by Larry Levis (poetry) 81 pages. 3.     Writing for Art: The Aesthetics of Ekphrasis by Stephen Cheeke (nonfiction) 186 pages. 4.     Aloha from Hell by Richard Kadrey (fiction) 438 pages. 5.     Cortege by Carl Phillips (poetry) […]

Dear Literary Magpie Readers: I wanted to let you know about a poetry chapbook contest that is happening right now.  Winged City Chapbooks (the great folks who published my chapbook Slow Depth) is having their annual chapbook contest as we speak.  The deadline for submission is JULY 1st. The great thing about this chapbook contest is […]

Not one but TWO interviews with me about Slow Depth!

“Time” by Sara Cannon This has been a great week for getting word out about my chapbook Slow Depth.The first interview was with a student journalist at the University of Idaho for the school newspaper the Argonaut.  You can read that interview HERE. The second interview is by my friend and fellow writer Sannion on […]

Happy Holidays to You Readers!

May this season be filled with cheer for you. Or if not cheer, then wonder.  Or if not wonder, than at least a decent slice of pie.