Some Attendees Experiences at Lambda Literary’s Writers Retreat

So this photo of deeply troubled folks are some of the poets from the Lambda Literary Foundation’s Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBTQ Voices. I was fortunate to attend this July and it did a great deal for both my writing and my spirits in the post-MFA world that I found the rest of you have […]

Sometimes, Not Often, My Worlds Meet on the Page

It often feels as thought gay men who live outside the urban (even costal urban) experience don’t exist in terms of news, culture, and writing. I grew up in a town of less than 3,000 people, before the rise of the internet.  There were no visible LGBTQ folks in either my life or my community. […]

Lightning Strikes Several Times

This week marks the second time that my work has appeared in The Adirondack Review.  I am deeply honored to have my poems see the light of day in this journal.  The poem “Orizaba” is featured in the fall issue HERE. If you want to read my poem “The nights are long here. Nowhere, a torch.” […]

There Are A Lot of Fellows Who Could Use a Little Help!

Folks, please help me get Dakota Shain Byrd, to the Lambda Literary Retreat. He needs to raise less than $300 to make it. PLEASE kick in a little bit AND repost this. I will send you all a glorious hand drawn postcard of thanks with a poem on the back.  For any of you who have […]

Where or Where has My Little Blog Gone?

Shamefully, I realized that I have no updated this blog since May!  And worse yet, the last time I updated it, I was asking for funds to help me get to the Lambda Literary Writers Retreat.  Well, thanks to everyone’s generosity, I made my funding goal and also some extra to help with travel expenses. […]

Lambda Literary Foundation’s Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBT Voices

Folks, I was just accepted to LLF’s Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBTQ Voices in LA this summer.  I was also given a partial scholarship to attend.  This leaves me to raise another $800 for the cost of attendance.  Please stop by my fundraising page and do what you can or just spread the word to […]

New Work featuring New Wave music and Noir

Folks, I forgot that you can see three new poems of mine over at Ishaan Literary Review. “Double Track” features one of my favorite New Wave bands YAZ.“Connexion” is a tribute to Raymond Chandler’s final novel PLAYBACK. Check them out HERE (Incidentally, this is the cover of the paperback I read that inspired Connexion.)

March Reading List

As many of you know, I keep an annual reading tally.  I thought I would post what I read in March so you could all see where my head has been.  This year’s reading has been off to a slow start compared to last year’s 120 books. March             (total page count 1,106 ) 1.     […]

Blogging Thaw

What a terrible sounding headline!  Blogging Thaw.  It sounds like medical condition or a figure from Scottish myth.  “Stay away from the moors, the BloggnTha ‘ill get ye.” But it is spring and this year it means that the ground is either dusted with snow or an ugly viscous mud.  Welcome to the long thaw […]