Packing Up Paradise

Today a family member sent me a photo similar to this one asking, “Do you know what kind of spider this is?” I immediately texted back, “Orb Weaver.” The name leapt into my head and I texted it before, any doubt could settle in. How did I know that, I wondered. I then Googled “orb […]

Literary Magpie Returns

After a long haitus, Literary Magpie returns! This started as a blog, when blogging was a “thing,” in order to showcase LGBTQ+ authors, publishers, and editors. I met an amazing array of people. Today I mostly feature new work by LGBTQ+ people through book reviews like this one and reccomendations on my social media accounts […]

New Poems in New Places

First and foremost, I wanted to apologize for the long lapse in posting. I, nor this blog is dead by any means. That said, I’ve not posted in ages. I’ve had some great opportunities for publication this spring, so I am going to take a moment ot share them with you. 1) Fifth Wednesday Journal […]

Review: Kelly McQuain’s VELVET RODEO

Poet Kelly McQuain’s chapbook opens with a poem that deftly draws the reader in and launches them forward into the rest of the collection. “Scrape the Velvet From Your Antlers” pauses briefly on a final rhymed couplet: Not on this hill, not in that house.Something calls you somewhere else. What drives much of this collection […]

CutBank Literary Journal Features Two New Poems!

I’ve been reading CutBank Literary Magazine for years. It is the journal put out by the University of Montana, in Missoula so very close to where I grew up. I am thrilled to have two poems featured on their blog today!  You can read them HERE!

The Blog Tour!

My fellow 2013 Lambda Literary Fellow S J Sinduasked me to take part in this writing meme-blog tour hybrid. It’s a way for readers of other blogs to find new writers and for us writers to meet new readers. Welcome!   I am primarily a poet and also write the occasional essay. I also am […]

Return of the Blog Beast

I circled back wondering how long it’s been since I’ve posted on this blog and it was much much longer than I thought. This isn’t to say there aren’t exciting things happening in my writing world, just that I have been forgetting to tell you about them. Since sigh October, my work has appeared in a […]

A Joe Brainard Documentary free and online until October 9th!

Joe Brainard was a writer and artist associated with the New York School.  He is most well known for his book I Remember. His work has inspired some of my own writing, and reading him always motivates me to write in new directions. Until October 9th, you can watch a short, captivating documentary about Joe […]

The Los Angeles Review of Books Tackles Poetry in a Post-AIDS Crisis World

The Los Angeles Review of Books, often features strong writers who find compelling topics to write on.  This morning’s article about reclaiming poetry from the AIDS crisis has a lot of meat and almost no gristle.  I think this article is a great way to begin a larger conversation about AIDS in general.  Is the […]

Literary Gossip: Walt Whitman Does Kiss and Tell

So Laura Chandra, a Fellow from this year’s Lambda Literary Writer’s Retreat posted this link on her Twitter Feed yesterday.  It was one part gossip column and three parts historical fact. The article discusses an American visit between Oscar Wilde and Walt Whitman. Apparently, they were on “Thee” and “Thou” terms. READ THE ARTICLE and […]