Book Notes on Elizabeth J. Colen’s Money for Sunsets

Paperback, 90 pagesFrom Steel Toe BooksJuly 2010ISBN: 9780982416938 Reading Elizabeth Colen’s Money for Sunsets isn’t something that I could just once. After finishing the book, I needed to go back and reread the text with all the cues and nuances I picked up the first read. Money for Sunsets has a persistent anxiety of certain […]

Let’s Get Metaphysical: Marvell, Donne, Mark Wunderlich and Vaughan

Perhaps my wires are crossed.  I keep looking at this picture trying to figure it out.  Is it an anchor and a shark?  Where does the fin being and the metal end?  There is no shark.  It’s a picture of two anchors lashed together with rope and chain.  One is visible and the other is […]