There Are A Lot of Fellows Who Could Use a Little Help!

Folks, please help me get Dakota Shain Byrd, to the Lambda Literary Retreat. He needs to raise less than $300 to make it. PLEASE kick in a little bit AND repost this.
I will send you all a glorious hand drawn postcard of thanks with a poem on the back.  For any of you who have participated in my Valentine’s Day Postcard Frenzy, you know what you will be in for!  Except this time each postcard will be an original drawing.  Donate more than once?  Get more than one!
The same goes for Stephen Sanchez in poetry: 
It also goes for Joshua Barton in the fiction workshop:
And Eric Kossina in the fiction workshop:
Repost this everywhere.  Twice.  Get on the computer and give.  Then repost.  Challenge your friends. This is a chance for you to directly impact the lives of other writers.  Now.  Concretely!
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