A Small Photo Essay to Get You Through the Week

It is the first week of classes and I have been spending my time between getting a bunch of preparatory work done for teaching my Composition and Rhetoric class and trying to be as unproductive as possible.  In lieu of a thoughtful and provocative post on writing, I thought that a small photo essay might be nice.  Here are some of the things that I saw this summer:

This is the famous two-headed calf of Waterville, WA.  Born in 1964, sadly, he lived for only ten days.

Lovely scroll work on the back of a chair in my hotel room.

Look kids, a jackelope!

An old industrial bridge, no longer open to the public near Chelan, WA.

I didn’t eat here, but the sign combined with the amazing red lamps inside made me want to stop.

Dry Falls.  During the Ice Age this waterfall was 40X larger than Niagra Falls.

More stunning vistas at Dry Falls.

Grand Coulee Dam.  Me looking down 400 feet to watch the schools of sturgeon feed.

Grand Coulee Dam in the distance.  So much water!

The obligatory shot of me in a deep sea diving mask.

A look at the lake created by Diablo Dam.

The rainbow edged window at the Sage Baker in Uniontown, WA.
A game I did not buy at a rummage sale.
Notice the text, this is an advertisement for a men’s apparel store.  Your guess is as good as mine.

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